WebCentral is CCC's portal for communicating with currently enrolled students and employees.

It's where you go to check on college events and news.


学生 go to WebCentral:

  • For information about financial aid and their student account status.
  • To see the college catalog and student handbook.
  • See the college academic calendar with important dates like last day to add classes and student breaks.
  • 搜索 for classes and register.
  • 请求记录.
  • 还有更多.

员工 use WebCentral:

  • To access Time Clock.
  • Access SharePoint to find college forms and information about college committees and departments.
  • Access the employee help desk.
  • Find the guest password.
  • 安排房间.
  • 使用Turnitin.com.
  • 更新帆布.
  • 还有更多.

College forms are not included on the CCC website, so please use WebCentral to search in SharePoint.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the CCC帮助台.


WebCentral Quick Guide for 学生

Log in to WebCentral



Your user name is your first name (as entered in the college system) followed by the last 5 digits of your student ID number. (Lowercase with no spaces)

Example: John Doe, Student ID-0123456 USER ID: john23456 

Password: Your initial password is: 

The letters and symbol ‘CCC#’ followed by the last 6 digits of your social security number. The 'CCC' must be capitalized! 

例如:年代.S. Number: 222-33-4444, password: CCC#334444 

If you do not have a social security number, your initial password is the letters and symbol 'CCC#' followed by the entire seven digits of your student ID number (include any zeros at the beginning.) The 'CCC' must be capitalized! 

例如:年代tudent ID #: 123 Password: CCC#0000123

Please be sure to set up a new password the first time you log in.



MyCCC Services page look


  1. My Progress--view degree requirements, schedule required courses into semesters 
  2. 计划 & 时间表 
    • 时间表 
      • 计划 times for classes 
      • Register for classes 
      • 查看课程表 
      • Drop classes through first day of semester 
    • 时间轴 
      • View planned courses by semester 
      • Move planned course to different semester 
      • Delete planned courses from semester 
      • 检查最终成绩
    • 笔记 
      • Communicate with Advisor 

Unofficial Transcript 

  • Located under the 学生的计划 tab 

To get started: Click on My Services > MyCCC> 学生的计划


Adding a class to a semester

  • Click on the class or the search button
  • Select add course to plan
  • 选择一个术语
  • 将课程添加到计划中

计划你的学位 & Register for Classes

  • Use the left and right arrows to find the semester to register
  • Filter sections to see availability of courses by location
  • To remove a planned course, click on the 'x' and confirm removal
  • The drop button is available from the day registration opens through the first day of the semester
  • View other sections to see available class times
  • Registered classes will appear in green on the grid
  • Click the course with the yellow hazard symbol to find out the warning for this section. 
  • Once the plan is set, select the "Register Now" button

它是 至关重要的 that you check your CCC email account 每天. Important college information is communicated through this account. Your CCC email address is: @szcang.com Example: john23456@szcang.com

需要帮助? Call the Service Center at 308-398-7999